Arista ZTP Bootstrap Download

How To Download

Arista switches can boot into a base config and get it up and running enough to be seen in the Arista CVP appliance using ZTP (Zero-touch Privisioning).

It acomplishes this in a few different ways, but the one I think that is most popular is to configure DHCP optioon 67 to https://<cvp-ip>/ztp/bootstrap and have the Arista switch boot into this bootstrap file.

If you tried to download this file (out of curiosity) from a browser and recieved a 400 error, this can be cunfusing and slightly annoying.

The fix is to supply some additional headers with the GET request. These headers are required, otherwise CVP will not allow you to download the bootstrap python file.

Change the <cvp-ip> and the download location before running. You only need to run one of these as they both do the same thing.

#curl Example
curl -v -k \
--header "X-Arista-Serial: 0" \
--header "X-Arista-SoftwareVersion: 0" \
https://<cvp-ip>/ztp/bootstrap -o ~/Downloads/

# wget Example
wget --no-check-certificate \
--header "X-Arista-Serial: 0" \
--header "X-Arista-SoftwareVersion: 0" \
https://<cvp-ip>/ztp/bootstrap -O ~/Downloads/